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British Singer and Songwriter Amy May has performed to audiences in 10 different countries, spanning across 4 continents. Amy's raw, heartfelt lyrics and stirring melodies have gained her a global fan base, expanded further by her songs being regularly featured in hit TV shows, Documentaries and Feature Films.

Since recording her debut album Right Right Now, in 2007, Amy May has traveled extensively with her music, performing in Sydney, Dubai, Thailand, Fiji and throughout Europe, including 3 times at Cannes Film Festival. The self-taught guitarist made the move from England to Los Angeles in 2010 and recorded The Grace Sessions, which included the songs 'Real' and 'Open'. 'Open' went on to score the No. 1 spot in the Female Singer-Songwriter chart on the music discovery and MTV Partner Amy's song 'Real' gained huge acclaim after featuring on the CW hit drama series 'One Tree Hill'.

After suffering the heartbreaking loss of her mother in 2015, Amy took time out from performing, but kept writing, and channeled her grief into her third studio album, “Mystic”, working with a team of Grammy- winning producers, songwriters and mixers to create undoubtedly her most expressive and powerful work yet. 

Set for release in 2019, the album is a testament to her infinite capacity for hope and strength, most evident in the song ‘Author', which carries the powerful message that when life breaks you, there is always a chance to begin again and come back stronger than ever before.

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