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If you are interested in an alternative music experience then rebelsoul is the right band for you.

The music of the rebels is solid and passionate rock music, purely handmade with a significant grunge factor.

Vocally, many songs inevitably remind of Pearl Jam. The typical multiple-setting of syllables and the emotional song structures from tender to hard clearly reveal the preferences of the band.

Even if other influences such as Biffy Clyro flare up sometimes, rebelsoul's music always shows its tendency to grunge.

You can not really define rebelsoul with a clear genre. If you try it, you might call it "alternative progressive grunge".

The repertoire ranges from smooth-as-silk to bad-ass-hard.

rebelsoul 4K.jpg

Even if it's not the main focus of rebelsoul, not to be despised are their unplugged performances.

If they play purely acoustic and unplugged, you might classify them as singer-songwriter, although a certain grunge impact is always present.

Their own feelings and the exploding energy are the songwriters of rebelsoul.

In a moment they smoothly touch your soul, to remind you in the next moment how fragile it really is.

Their music is a reflection of life with all its beautiful sounds and all its bitter moments.

Listen to them and you will understand!

- be a rebelsoul -

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