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solar powered moon town

Berlin-based psychfolk songwriter telling stories about
the constant journey called life,

about awakening and escaping,
about the birds above us and burning bridges behind us,
about getting lost and getting home,
ab out freedom and the everlasting search for the sea

Solar Powered Moon Town Band.jpeg

Founded in 2014 as a solo acoustic project by the songwriter Magdalena Jacob, Solar Powered Moon Town is deeply rooted in the street musician and travelling scene.

Since brought to life somewhere in a land on the moon, the project has shown itself in many faces.

From slightly melancholic guitar sounds, via monotonous accordion melodies calling for the sea, to the eery-beautiful synth creations produced in collaboration with Blue Whale Recordings for „What they told us in winter“.

And above that, there's still this one voice that grabs you by the balls.

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