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Steven Scholz, singer, songwriter and lead guitarist of the Saarland grunge band Sonic Circus, has started an exciting side project:

For his solo works, the young artist gathers an ever-changing team of musician friends around him. The only constant remains Steven himself on guitar, bass and vocals, and he also acts as songwriter and producer for his project. He leaves his fellow musicians the freedom to let their styles flow in. So every song will have its own soul and will contain a great variety of styles, which makes the project extraordinary. Steven will record his songs in his home studio "Vivo Sonum" in Illingen.

Steven's debut single Candles (2021) is a grunge influenced ballad. In addition to Steven Scholz, the band features Tom Nothof (rebelsoul) on vocals, former Sonic Circus member Selina Weber on bass, Samuel Stoll (Sonic Circus) on drums and percussion, Jasmin Hubert (Detect Ensemble) on cello, Nicolas Kunz (Vivo Sonum) on piano, and Germany-renowned guitarist Christian Conrad (Tell Your Mother, among
others). Now partnered with Berlin indie label Parrandera Records, Steven is currently working on his debut album.

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