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MOTO - La pop à la française

Paris in the 60s - that sounds like cheeky Yé-yé girls and pop culture, like Nouvelle Vague and the erotic crackle of Serge Gainsbourg's cigarette.

Deeply impressed by the journey, Moto emerge from their time capsule - and can't help but follow this magical sound. Warm and melodious, they play a film full of black humour and mascara, love and anger, vitality and existentialism. With a touch of Morricone and a touch of jazzy chanson.


With their second album "Au cinéma", the five-piece Berlin band around singer Svenja Wolter remains true to its roots.

From the danceable "Batman à la plage" to the epic "Au revoir", 13 songs delight us with pure, great French cinema.


A francophone insider tip beyond the mainstream, stylish, idiosyncratic and charming: vintage pop in French.

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